What Is It?:

Weekly Chapel at Florida Southern College

Where Is It?:

Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, Florida Southern College

When Is It?:

11am (Plenty of time to sleep in!)

What Should I Wear?:

Dress for Chapel is super casual.  You'll see people in casual dresses but also shorts and t-shirts.  Please, come just as you are and bring a friend.

What Should I Expect?:

Casual environment with loud music from the student worship band. Free coffee and fellowship before Chapel. Lots of friends worshipping God together. Dynamic biblically-based preaching from the college Chaplain, Rev. Tim Wright. Free lunch after chapel every other week that we call "Save-A-Swipe".  It's an amazing chance to fellowship as a communit

Anything Else?:


Every week, the service collects an offering that contributes to the Chaplain's Fund.  This fund provides financial support to students in need or in crisis.  Please consider being generous with what you've been given to help others in their times of need.


Every other week during chapel service our worshipping family partakes in an ancient ritual of the church known as Holy Communion which was celebrated by Jesus and his disciples on the night in which he gave himself up for us.  At FSC Chapel, we celebrate an open communion table.  This means that everyone is welcome at Christ's table. Baptized or unbaptized, Christian or not, we believe that the Lord is pouring out grace upon all of God's children during this holy meal. Please see your nearest Connections Team Member (the people in the red shirts!) if you have any questions. We celebrate communion by intinction which is a fancy way of saying that as a piece of bread is handed to you, you simply dip it in the cup and eat it.  The communion elements used are bread and grape juice.  A gluten-free bread is available upon request.  Just ask!