Are you a new FSC student or a returning FSC student?

Why does it matter?

Returning students will login to MOCsync to sign up for the retreat. Please RSVP to the retreat on the Retreat Event page. MOCsync will prompt you for more information after you select "Yes".  Please note, this may require a "network login" password reset. This can be accessed in the FSC Portal at by clicking on the "Reset Network Password" link the sidebar.

New students do not need to log in to MOCsync to register for the retreat. New students may click the "New FSC Student" button above to complete the form and register for the 2016 Campus Ministries Retreat.

Having problems?

Please don't hesitate to give us a call, email, tweet, or Facebook message!

Phone: 863-680-4297


Twitter: @fscchapel